You Are What You Offer

Your organization exists because of its offerings – the unique products and services you offer in specific markets. Your offerings are what you sell and compete with and how you make your money. They are your organization’s reason of existence. This makes your offerings the logical starting point for all important decisions.

Are Your Offerings Aligned?

Offering products and services that your customers value is the pinnacle of successful business. Trivial as this may sound, the importance of this simple fact should not be underestimated. Just ask yourself:

Do your customers complain or rate their satisfaction lower than you want?

Do you experience stagnating sales of an existing product or service?

Have you introduced a new product or service that doesn’t really take off?

Do you have a product or service that sells well in one market but not in another?

Are your competitors more successful in getting and keeping customers?

Any yes to these questions is an indicator that your offerings are not as well aligned as they could be. And if you had to say yes to more than one question, or even to all of them, you may have a serious misalignment problem.

How Offering Alignment Helps

Offering Alignment helps you offer the right products and services, in the right market, with the right resources, for the right price and at the right time.

Offering Alignment provides you an algorithmic, step-by-step approach to align your offerings better – both within your organization and with your environment.

Offering alignment enables you to collaboratively create rapid insights, robust decisions, and committed actions to realize your organization’s potential for value creation.

How Offering Alignment Works

With our unique and algorithmic Offering Alignment approach you improve the alignment of your current and new offerings in a step-by-step manner. It starts with mapping your offering’s DNA, using our Maestro software. Based on this DNA, Offering Alignment enables you to continuously answer three fundamental questions.

  • Market Alignment: What value does your offering create in the market?
  • Operational Alignment: How do you orchestrate your offering’s value creation?
  • Structural Alignment: Why does your offering’s value creation make sense?

Offering Alignment is something we can do for you, together with you, or we can help you learn how to do it yourself.

The Benefits of Offering Alignment

The benefits of better aligned offerings are numerous. It leads to improved:


You do the right things, the right way with the right perspective.


You create the most value with the least waste and investment


You rapidly adapt and evolve your offering when things change.

And the best thing? By taking your DNA as starting point, Offering Alignment makes sure that you do what fits your organization most naturally. This results in an organization that seemingly effortlessly does the things it can do best.