Become the Maestro of Your Ecosystem

As executive, entrepreneur or manager you want to be in control of what your organization and bigger ecosystem does – but without controlling everything and everyone. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, you guide your organization in a direction that you want, but you respect its unique DNA and let it speak for itself.

With our Offering Alignment approach and our accompanying Maestro software you can be this conductor. Maestro gives you a structured but very flexible instrument to manage the creation, evaluation, improvement and renewal of your portfolio of products and services.

What the Maestro Software Does

Maestro guides you through the Offering Alignment process in a step-by-step way. It breaks down the complexity into small building blocks. It confronts you with challenging questions and shows you visually what your answers imply. And through a set of smart algorithms it makes sure that everything adds up so that you never lose the big picture. While doing this, it leads you to a continuously updated set of insights, decisions, and actions for improving your offerings.

How the Maestro Software Works

Maestro is an interactive, modular software tool that enables you to work one module at a time, finish it, create a report, and immediately take action. Maestro helps you map the DNA profile and alignment of the new or existing offering that you chose to focus on. It consists of four modules that help you align your offerings:

  • DNA Profile: Identify your organization’s primary value creation orientation that underlies all offerings and everything you do.
  • Market Alignment: Improve the alignment of what you offer with what customers need and make your offering stand out compared to the competition.
  • Operational Alignment: Strengthen the alignment between of your offering with your organizational and financial resources and capabilities.
  • Structural Alignment: Enhance the alignment of what you offer with the values and the structural context in which you operate.

How You Can Obtain Maestro

Since Maestro is not just a software package, but an instrument supporting the Offering Alignment approach, mastering that approach is a must. Like a conductor’s baton, it is a tool that requires practice and skill to realize its full potential.

There are two ways to get access to the Maestro software: through our facilitation services and through our learning services. Our goal is always to make you the Maestro so that you and your organization can align your offerings yourself.