The Power of Your Unique DNA

Like any species, your organization has DNA. It can be found in the unique products and services that you offer and it has a profound effect on everything you do.

We take your DNA seriously. Over the past decade, we have discovered the building blocks of value creation. These building blocks represent the distinct DNA alphabet that is encoded into everything that your organization does.

Your DNA captures your unique origin and path to the future. In turbulent times, understanding, leveraging and nurturing your DNA is essential for your on-going success.

How to Discover Your DNA

You can discover your DNA by analyzing your offerings – your products and services for specific markets – and identifying what kinds of value these create for customers. For example, are your products valuable to customers because of their functionality? Or because they are tailor-made? Or because they are cheap? Or because you can deliver them faster than competitors?

By answering such questions in a structured way, you learn what the DNA of your offerings is. And once you understand that, you have the starting point for improving your offerings, for creating new ones and for aligning everything you do.

Our unique Offering Alignment approach is designed to help you with this. It enables you to discover the DNA of your offerings in a step-by-step manner and align it with the market, your operations and the environment you are in.

Examples of DNA as Key to Success

Successful organizations know their DNA and stick to it. This makes them so clearly recognizable, focused and successful in what they do. Take a look at these examples:

Ryanair’s value creation for customers is simple: have the lowest flight prices in the market. They go at extreme length to realize this and their low-price DNA can be found everywhere in their organization and ecosystem.


Apple is entirely focused on creating the best user experience with their products. Through their design, their branding, their way of managing the supply chain and so on and so forth, everything they do is fingerprinted with this DNA.


Amazon is a delivery-oriented company that wants to make sure that you can order and obtain any product you might want in the fastest possible way. All their processes, infrastructure, web design, etc. are based on this DNA.

These iconic companies show the power of having your offerings aligned with your DNA. It also shows how your DNA is basically determining what you can do and cannot do. Try to imagine Ryanair changing to a quality-orientation, or Apple to a price-orientation. It would be nearly impossible for them to make such shifts because their built-in DNA.

How to Leverage and Nurture Your DNA

Knowing your DNA is the starting point. But the real value lies of course in what you do with this knowledge. You want to leverage your DNA to profit from it in the best possible way. And you want to nurture your DNA so that it can remain serving as the foundation for your organization in the coming years.

Doing this requires a structured, algorithmic process in which you look at your products and services, your customers, your capabilities, your suppliers, and so forth in a systematic manner. From each of them you need to find out how well they are aligned with your DNA. This creates rapid insights and allows you to make solid decisions and take committed actions.

With our Offering Alignment approach you can achieve this. We can do it for you, do it together with you, or help you learn how to do it yourself.