Explore Offering Alignment 

Using the Maestro software, Offering Alignment becomes an interactive, structured process in which you break down the process into small manageable steps. The snapshots below illustrate how this works in practice.

Simple, Question-Driven Input

Strategy and Alignment are too complex to deal with at once. Therefore, the Offering Alignment Approach breaks down the process into targeted, spot-on questions at the right level of detail.

Example Question for Mapping Your DNA

We identify your DNA via a series of straightforward comparison questions. The algorithms in the software take care of the rest and give you an immediate visual overview of the result. Through the discussions and immediate feedback you obtain an advanced insight into your DNA within just a couple of hours.

Insightful Visual Output

In every step of the process, the software produces instant pictures showing the results of your inputs. The pictures provide immediate, actionable insights to improve your alignment.

Example Visual Output for Aligning Your Value Proposition with Customer Needs

After you have mapped your customers’ needs and value proposition, a systematic comparison is made between the two. One of the pictures this produces, is shown here. It shows immediately how well your value proposition is aligned with customer needs and where you may want to improve.

Advanced Analyses

The systematic and step-by-step approach enables making unique advanced analyses showing how well your offerings are aligned and where improvements are possible.

Example Competitive Analysis

Offering Alignments helps you make advanced competitive analyses that show you how you perform compared to the competition. The picture here is one of the result, showing you how well your offering compares to that of your main competitors.

Integrative Overviews

With Offering Alignment you always have the integrative overview you need. The algorithms in the software make sure that all your inputs add up to simple coherent pictures that summarize your overall alignment.

Example Integrative Overview of Offering Alignment

To keep overview of your Offering Alignment, you can produce integrative pictures at any stage during the process. Pictures like these enable you to identify high-level strengths and weaknesses so that you can set your priorities right.