“Using an iterative algorithm to solve a problem is a bit like following a road, possibly long and difficult. With each iteration, you have a method that takes you a single step closer. To ensure that you move forward, you need to have a measure of progress telling you how far you are either from your starting location or from your destination.
You cannot expect to know exactly where the algorithm will go. On the other hand, you do not want to have to know how to handle every ditch and dead end in the world. As you travel, worry about one step at a time.
You must know how to get onto the road from any start location. From every place along the road, you must know what actions you will take in order to step forward. Finally, you must reach your destination in a reasonable amount of time.”

– Jeff Edmunds



Strategy Without a Strategy

Strategy is mostly seen as a process with a discrete start (an analysis, a new mission, a new CEO, an external event, and so on), a discrete duration (a strategy for 2020, a 3-year plan and so on), and a discrete ending (a written plan, a successfully executed strategy, reaching a particular goal or milestone,…

The Right Mindset for Effective Strategy Execution – Part 2

Having the right mindset is crucial for effective strategy execution. In my previous post I introduced you to five mottos reflecting a constructive mindset that will help you execute your strategy successfully. Continuing where I stopped there, I’d like to share the other five mottos in this post. So, here they are:   Motto 6.…