“Here is the real problem. How do you reinvent a business? How do you come up with that truly great new idea, that next big thing that will return your company to growth and away from brutal competition? How do you create the passion around great ideas, tempered by a pragmatic acceptance of market uncertainties? How do you create the courage it takes to face them?”

– Venkatesh Rao

“We often leave the problem phase of the creative process out of the picture. We focus on the moment of epiphany, the detonation of insight that happened to Newton or Archimedes. The idea is that such insights could happen anytime, anywhere. It is just a matter of sitting back and letting them flow…But this leaves out an indispensable feature of creativity. Without a problem, without a failure, without a flaw, without a frustration, innovation has nothing to latch on to. It loses its pivot.”

– Matthew Syed