“One example of a form of functional stupidity widely practiced by many organisations is imitation. All too often companies do things not because they produce the best results, but because everyone else is doing it. By following the crowd, they avoid thinking too much and sidestep difficulties that might come from having an idiosyncratic position. This kind of thoughtless herd-following is often richly rewarded, but it also creates risks of pursuing the crowd off a cliff.”

– Mats Alvesson & André Spicer

“Here is the real problem. How do you reinvent a business? How do you come up with that truly great new idea, that next big thing that will return your company to growth and away from brutal competition? How do you create the passion around great ideas, tempered by a pragmatic acceptance of market uncertainties? How do you create the courage it takes to face them?”

– Venkatesh Rao

“The actual act of crafting strategy imaginatively often remains a ‘black box.’ This drawback seems particularly unacceptable in view of the intense need for more appropriate strategy-making procedures in today’s discontinuous business environment, and speaks loudly of the need for an integrated framework for crafting strategy imaginatively in order to provide glimpses into the ‘black box’ of strategy-making practice.”

– Michael Gibbert

“Today we deliver content – It has become far too easy. We are drowning in it on a daily basis. We all suffer a massive deluge of digital input. Content can’t stand alone. What we need is context to anchor content and give it meaning – that’s our necessary starting point. Context shifts everything, it gives it shape, a structure to draw (deeper) meaning from. We learn to know, to integrate, to remember, to understand and to act.”

– Paul Hobcraft