“Everyone is becoming a programmer. The next step is to realize that everything is a program. The point is that, much like the computer on your desk or the iPhone in your hand, the entire universe is programmable. Just as you can build apps for your smartphones and new services for the internet, so can you shape and re-shape almost anything in this world – as long as you know the code.”

– Keith Axline

Architecture is the conceptual blueprint that describes the structure of a technology solution. Architecture describes the components of a complex system, what they do, and how they interact. This high-level description specifies the components of a system, the externally visible properties of these components, and the relationships among them. The architecture of a platform is a high-level description of its building blocks and how they are related to each other, not a working implementation. Broadly, architectures can vary between the two extremes of being perfectly modular (plug-and-play) and perfectly monolithic. Most architectures fall somewhere along this continuum.”

– Amrit Tiwana