“Strategy has become a catchall term used to mean whatever one wants it to mean. Business magazines now have regular sections devoted to strategy, typically discussing how featured firms are dealing with distinct issues, such as customer service, joint ventures, branding or e-commerce. In turn, executives talk about their service strategy, their joint venture strategy, their branding strategy or whatever kind of strategy is on their minds at a particular moment.”

– Donald Hambrick and James Frederickson

“Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions. It seems almost as if progress itself and our fight against the increase of entropy intrinsically must end in the downhill path from which we are trying to escape.”

– Norbert Wiener

“After composing a theory of value creation, therefore, a key task is to craft compelling language that enables others to see what you see—clarity of expression and clear logic are critical to enrolling others… So although much has been written about the importance of garnering power and skillful politicking as vehicles for imposing your will and vision in an organization, more important is a powerful and valid conception of a path to value that you can persuasively articulate.”

– Todd Zenger

“Finding the right visual method is only half the battle though, and I wish we talked more about the other half. Providing context, showing our own uncertainty, offering some narrative and guidance are all things that are critical to augmenting a user’s experience and understanding. If we want to improve the visual data literacy of our audience, then we are responsible for providing those things.”

– Irene Ros