“One of the most consistent findings in the literature on decision-making and performance is that the best groups perform better than the best individuals, because groups are able to take advantage of the collective wisdom and insight of multiple individuals, while individual judgments reflect the narrower insights and skills of just one person.”

–  Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton

“Most strategies are built on specific beliefs about the future. Unfortunately, the future is deeply unpredictable. Worse, the requirements of breakthrough success demand implementing strategy in ways that make it impossible to adapt should the future not turn out as expected.
The result is the Strategy Paradox: strategies with the greatest possibility of success also have the greatest possibility of failure. Resolving this paradox requires a new way of thinking about strategy and uncertainty.”

– Michael Raynor

“Insights are small-scale, often short-lived discoveries. Something is noticed that had not been seen before… Every great business started life as the embodiment of a particularly powerful insight. Businesses decline as the production of new insights dries up… A theory of business therefore cannot be a substitute for insight. Any theory that puts forward a winning recipe for commercial success is a fraud.”

– Jules Goddard & Tony Eccles

“The entrepreneur believes that he is right, while everyone else is wrong. Thus the essence of entrepreneurship is being different – being different because one has a different perception of the situation. It is this that makes the entrepreneur so important.”

– Mark Casson