“To be effective, visualization must reveal relationships within the data, from which you can discover trends, detect outliers, etc. With these insights you can identify what needs to be done and, with good use of visualization, persuade people of the urgency to take action.”

– Sicco Brakema

“In my judgement, most professional advice on non-routine issues – is most of the time – simply not actionable. And even if it is implemented correctly, it will lead to consequences that run counter to the intentions of those providing it…Now, advice does not come frome nowhere but from some underlying framework and since thoughtful and well-intended advice givers do not intentionally offer council that is full of gaps and inconsistencies, there must be something in the frameworks on which they rely that makes them unaware of these problems – as well unaware that they are unaware.”

–  Chris Argyris

“People have been grumbling for years about the strategy consulting industry, whose reports often fail to find and (especially) implement strategies to better fit a changing competitive landscape. A consultant’s report—all thought and little heart, forecasting where you can flourish in two or five or ten years, produced by smart outsiders, and acted on in a linear way by a limited number of appointed people—has increasingly less chance of leading to truly A+ success in a faster-moving and more unpredictable world.”

– John P. Kotter

“True agility doesn’t come from pursuing growth wherever it may be located or somehow spotting trends and getting to those markets first. It comes from pursuing opportunities where your capabilities give you what we call the right to win—the ability to compete more effectively than your competitors could in the arenas where you choose to do business.”

–  Paul Leinwand & Cesare R. Mainardi