“Strategy is stuck. If you dropped into a boardroom discussion or an executive team meeting, chances are you’d hear a lot of strategic thinking based on ideas and frameworks designed in, and for, a different era – when industries were stable, when trends were more or less predictable, and when the pace of technological evolution seemed to be slower.”

– Rita Gunther McGrath

“As a practical matter strategy is best understood modestly, as moving to the next stage rather than to a definitive and permanent conclusion. The next stage is a place that can be realistically reached from the current stage. That place may not necessarily be better, but it will still be an improvement upon what could have been achieved with a lesser strategy or no strategy at all. It will also be sufficiently stable to be a base from which to prepare to move to the stage after that.”

– Lawrence Freedman

“Battered by new sources of competition and new demands from customers, bombarded by investors, bemused and undermined by technology, buffeted by ideologies like empowerment that challenge the assumptions of hierarchy and control and beleaguered by recent academic attacks on head offices and other central overheads, the structure and behaviour of large corporations appear to be anachronistic and overdue for change.”

– Richard Koch and Ian Godden