“A market insight involves seeing a missing in the world at large and believing that technology can be built to solve it… A technology insight usually comes from a scientist or engineer. The missing is entirely about the technology itself. An inventor sees a way to create something that’s never before existed, often hoping that a worthwhile problem can be found that the invention will solve.”

– Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead and Kevin Maney

“Stripped to its essentials the challenge of strategic leadership is twofold: you have to have a big idea, then you must be able to inspire and motivate others to think strategically about how to realize that big idea. The more complex and unique the idea, the more valuable it is, but also the more you will need more than just your own brilliant strategic thinking or skilled problem finding and problem solving. To pursue a big idea, you will need to engage others in problem finding and problem solving alongside you. You need others engaged in strategic thinking and skillfully persuading others to engage.”

– Todd Zenger

“An honest business writer acknowledges the risks of the market, the complexity of business models, the true nature of the hard work required, and the limitations of any set of tools. In fact, this sin might well be considered an ethical/moral sin as opposed to sloppy thinking or intellectual sinning. As a colleague who shares my opinion of Blue Ocean Strategy pointed out, it is fundamentally disrespectful to the hard work and dedication of people working diligently to change companies, to reduce their labors to trite retrofitted strategy canvas diagrams.”

– Venkatesh Rao

“Many people think marketing is a battle of products. In the long run, they figure, the best product will win. Marketing people are preoccupied with doing research and getting the facts. They analyse the situation to make sure that truth is on their side. Then they sail confidently into the marketing arena, secure in the knowledge that they have the best product and that ultimately the best product will win. It’s an illusion. There is no objective reality. There are no facts. There are no best products. All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of the customer or prospect. The perception is the reality. Everything else is an illusion.”

– Al Ries and Jack Trout

“As a result of using traditional financial tools, firms consistently succumb to disruptive innovation. The most frightening thing about disruptive innovation is that death doesn’t come as a result of “bad” management. Instead, the disasters have occurred in industry after industry because managers were following the dictates of good traditional management: with a focus on pursuing profit, ratios like ROI and the like.”

– Steve Denning

“A productive approach to strategy requires recognizing its limits. This applies not only to the benefits of strategy but also to its domain. Boundaries are required. As strategy has become so ubiquitous, so that every forward-looking decision might be worthy of the term, it now risks meaninglessness, lacking any truly distinguishing feature.”

– Lawrence Freedman