“Today the powerful transforming force is the category—creating a new market for a new product, often (but not always) from a new company. A great message, a great product, a great innovation—these things are no longer enough on their own. Now it’s critical to develop a great new market category in concert with building a great company and product.”

– Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead  and Kevin Maney

“Blue Oceans has no answers. The one tiny glimpse of the idea that creativity and courage might be required is reduced to a shoddy discussion of the third of their three characteristics of a good strategy — focus, divergence and compelling tag-line. The first two are trite. The last is where the meat is: what they think is just effective advertising is actually the high concept of a clear and elegant value proposition. You don’t just come up with any old idea and look for a compelling tag-line. Only truly great ideas will actually admit a powerful high concept description.”

– Venkatesh Rao

“Change is the fate for everything we make. We are moving away from the world of fixed nouns and toward a world of fluid verbs. In the next 30 years we will continue to take solid things—an automobile, a shoe—and turn them into intangible verbs. Products will become services and processes. Embedded with high doses of technology, an automobile becomes a transportation service, a continuously updated sequence of materials rapidly adapting to customer usage, feedback, competition, innovation, and wear.”

– Kevin Kelly