“A good metaphor is key to insight, understanding and tasteful application for just about any major idea. Without a guiding metaphor, you are operating blind, applying cookie-cutter solutions, and setting yourself up for failure creeping up on you via serious blind spots. You have little real sense of priority or proportion, and nothing approaching “understanding.”

– Venkatesh Rao

“The world is now changing at a rate at which the basic systems, structures, and cultures built over the past century cannot keep up with the demands being placed on
them. Incremental adjustments to how you manage and strategize, no matter how clever, are not up to the job.You need something very new to stay ahead in an age of
tumultuous change and growing uncertainties.”

– John P. Kotter

“Eventually even attractive illusions come to an end: people see through them. Ceremonial rain dances come to be viewed for what they are. The financial crisis of 2008 was a wake-up call that reminded even entrenched firms how vulnerable they were. Today, large firms have little interest in paying large fees to strategists to find sustainable competitive advantage just from studying the numbers.”

– Steve Denning