“Nothing stands still for us. This is our natural state and yet the state most contrary to our inclinations. We burn with desire to find a firm footing, an ultimate, lasting base on which to build a tower rising up to infinity, but our whole foundation cracks and the earth opens into the depth of the abyss.”

— Blaise Pascal

“We often leave the problem phase of the creative process out of the picture. We focus on the moment of epiphany, the detonation of insight that happened to Newton or Archimedes. The idea is that such insights could happen anytime, anywhere. It is just a matter of sitting back and letting them flow…But this leaves out an indispensable feature of creativity. Without a problem, without a failure, without a flaw, without a frustration, innovation has nothing to latch on to. It loses its pivot.”

– Matthew Syed


“Confidence in our beliefs is the catalyst that turns attitudes into action, bringing  beliefs to life and imbuing them with meaning and consequence…The more certain we we are of a belief regardless of objective correctness, the more sustainable it will be and the greater its influence on what we do.”

– Tormala & Rucker

“I know of no systematic attempt to demonstrate the efficacy in use of any framework described in any major success study. In the absence of hard evidence, it is far more likely that whatever benefit practitioners might have perceived or realized has been the consequence of some or all of a form of placebo effect (you expect it to help, so you perceive that it does), a Hawthorne effect (the mere act of focusing on something you were neglecting improves performance), or random variation (otherwise known as luck).”

– Michael Raynor