How We Work

With our Grounded Strategy Approach we break down the complexity of strategy as a whole into small manageable building blocks and steps.

We guide you and your team in short iterative cycles through an engaging, software-assisted process, using the professional vocabulary that you already know.

All newly developing insights and data can be processed and tested for relevance immediately. You will see their impact on your strategy and what your next steps may be.

Our toolbox will keep the process on track and delivers transparent outcomes. All consecutive cycles that you complete will build an array of data that will create your own benchmarks.

What We Offer

Everything we do is about giving you full control of your strategy and execution. To realize this, our services consist of four pillars that can be used separately or in combination: Strategy Making, Strategy OS, Strategy Learning and Strategy Transformation.


You decide whether you want to start small to experience what grounded strategy can do for you or go for a complete transformation of your strategy approach. Through our modular approach, we always have an offer that suits your needs.

You get the perspective, confidence and control to succeed in your markets. Together we make your grounded strategy in a timely, step-by-step way. You provide the essential people and information and we provide expert guidance that enables learning by doing.

You get the software included to make grounded strategy in a transparent and engaging way. With Strategy OS every step of your strategy making is infused with key insights, decisions and actions. Once used you have created your foundation for a truly dynamic approach to strategy.

You get the knowledge, understanding and preparation to successfully make grounded strategy yourself. We use state of the art learning methods and technology to ensure what, how and when you learn is right for the people in your organization.

You get complete control of your strategy process and prepare your organization for any future strategy making. Through our transformation services you elevate your strategy making to a truly grounded approach that is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Our approach is rooted in decades of scientific and practical experience. Its key elements have been developed in close cooperation with organizations in various industries and are taught at a number of pioneering universities and business schools across the globe.


What Grounded Strategy Can Do for You

The Grounded Strategy Approach is designed to make controlled strategic improvements in your organization and value chain. This means that it can help you:

Analyze, improve and execute your strategy in a dynamic way
 Create a wise and timely response to internal and external changes
 Align with your customers, suppliers and others in your value chain
 Adopt new technologies and business models and abandon old ones
Facilitate and empower your teams to act as internal entrepreneurs
 Manage a portfolio of businesses in a coherent and systematic way
 Create shared understanding and coherence in the organization

Do you want to get your strategy grounded?