Who We Are

We aim to make the world a better place by empowering people and enabling them to make grounded strategy themselves. This has a positive impact on your organization, the economy, education, research and society.

We are building a global eco-system of customers, partners and the next generation of leaders and strategy professionals. Through our combined roots at the university and in practice, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Why Choose Us

Because of what you will achieve: through our distinct, grounded approach to strategy you will unlock your full potential for sustainable value creation by yourself.

You will be in control of your own strategy and execution. Our consulting, training and software enable you to become a successful player in the 21st century.

Our Experience

Strategy consulting experience - 30+ years
Entrepreneurial experience - 20+ years
Scientific experience - 15+ years
Strategy training experience - 15+ years

Our Team

vaughn jackson
  • PhD in Industrial Eng. (1999)
  • 25+ yrs Professional Experience
  • 15+ yrs Entrepreneurial Exp.
  • Creator of Positioning Pro

Vaughn Jackson

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Email: vj@newstrategygroup.com

Vaughn is a strategy consultant, scientist and engineer. He has worked with diverse clients in North America, South America and Europe. His main drive is to deploy a ground-breaking, algorithmic approach to strategy that is implemented throughout the world.

Jeroen Kraaijenbrink
  • PhD in Management (2006)
  • 15+ yrs Academic Experience
  • 7+ yrs Professional Experience
  • Author The Strategy Handbook

Jeroen Kraaijenbrink

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Email: jk@newstrategygroup.com

Jeroen is a strategy lecturer, consultant and writer who has worked at a variety of universities in the Netherlands and the United States. His main drive is to improve strategy making across the globe through training and empowering strategy professionals.

Frank Mooij
  • Marketing (´85) Advertising (´92)
  • 30+ yrs Professional Experience
  • 14+ yrs Change and Innovation
  • 10+ yrs Entrepreneurial Exp.

Frank Mooij

Chief Commercial Officer and Strategy Maker

Email: fm@newstrategygroup.com

Frank is a strategy and marketing consultant. He has worked at all levels with diverse clients who had their headquarters or branches all over the globe. His main drive is helping solve the issues that really matter, in such a way that clients become more self-reliant

Walter Koeleman 2
  • PhD in Management (1995)
  • 25+ yrs Management Consulting
  • 20+ yrs Entrepreneur Exp.
  • 10+ yrs Lecturer Experience

Walter Koeleman

Chief Learning Officer and Strategy Maker

Email: wk@newstrategygroup.com

Walter is a Strategy and Operations Management consultant. He is also Strategy & OPM lecturer. He has worked in over 200 companies to improve their performance, which is also his main drive and objective.