In a world as turbulent as today, you and your organization need a strong basis to cope with great upcoming changes and to remain relevant for your customers. You continuously have to look one step ahead and adjust quickly. Our innovative Grounded Strategy Approach enables you and your teams to do this with a grounded strategy and an agile control of execution.

The World Is Changing and So Will You

You face increasing competition, uncertainties and rapid changes. So do your customers and others across the value chain. In your organization there is an increasing need for empowerment and internal entrepreneurship. Value creation in such a world can no longer thrive on traditional methods. You always have to think one step ahead and adjust continuously.

To do all of this effectively, you need a grounded strategy that ensures you will execute the right things right. Once determined it has to be agile, with ongoing cycles of adjustment based on insights and data obtained through execution.

What You Will Achieve With Us

We enable you to make your strategy grounded and execute it with confidence in short adaptive cycles. More than ever, this gives your organization continuous control of your strategy and execution.

Immediate Results

Within just 30 days you already benefit from the grounded approach by experiencing the rapid insights, robust decisions and committed actions it produces. You will start executing your strategy more effectively, in a dynamic way with shared understanding and coherence in your organization.

Sustaining Benefits

In time, the alignment improves with customers, suppliers and others in your value chain. You will also build your own benchmarks from all cycles you complete. And while working with us, you will learn the approach yourself so that you no longer depend on our consulting.

What We Offer

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    With our Grounded Strategy Approach we break down the complexity into small building blocks. You will find no fancy terminology, because we use the professional vocabulary you already use in your daily business. We guide you and your teams in short iterative cycles through an engaging, software-assisted process.
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    Once the strategy and execution are defined all newly developing insights and data can be processed and tested for relevance immediately. You will be shown their impact on your strategy and what your next steps may be. Our toolbox will keep the process on track and delivers transparent outcomes.
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    Our approach is rooted in decades of scientific and practical experience. Its key elements have been developed in close cooperation with organizations in various industries and are taught at a number of pioneering universities and business schools across the globe.

Our Customers

The Grounded Strategy Approach will benefit any organization that is looking for more effective strategy and execution. We work with profit and not-for-profit organizations, NGO´s and public organizations across various industries.

Do you want to get your strategy grounded?

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