Our Grounded Strategy Approach

Based on our research, professional experience and combined expertise, we have developed a new approach to strategy. In line with our purpose: better strategy making across the globe – we like to provide you with an enlightening overview of our new, distinct and grounded approach to strategy.

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Main Objective of Our Approach

Strategy is an organization’s unique way of sustainable value creation. We define sustainable value creation as value creation where you, your customers and everyone else involved benefits. This means every key aspect of our approach is focused on enabling strategy professionals, organizations and investors to systematically maximize sustainable value creation. To realize this, every step of our approach generates rapid insights, robust decisions and committed actions. 

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You quickly understand the essence of your situation.


You make better, informed decisions faster.

Committed Actions

You take immediate steps to implement your strategy.

Sustainable Value Creation

You create value for your customers, yourself and your stakeholders.

How We Define Strategy


Instead of defining strategy in vague or abstract terms, our grounded approach to strategy is based on a concrete definition of ten core elements that are linked through value creation. This unique perspective enables you to think about strategy systematically, communicate about strategy effectively and execute strategy successfully. The ten core elements are:

Value proposition

What products and services you offer, how you offer them and what added value they have for the customer.

Customers & Needs

The organizations or people you seek to serve as well as the needs they have.


Who or what your customers will compare you to when they are deciding whether or not to buy your products or services.

Resources & Competences

What you have, what you are good at doing and what makes you unique.


Who you work with and how they make your products or services more valuable.

Revenue Model

What you receive in return for your value creation, from whom and how.

Costs & Risks

What are the financial, social and other costs and risks of your value creation.

Values & Goals

What you aspire to achieve, what drives the organization and what is actually important.

Organizational Climate

What is your organization’s unique blend of culture and structure.

Trends & Uncertainties

Changes in the world that are outside of your direct control and that you are either certain or uncertain about.

How We Define Value Creation

Your strategic success is ultimately determined by offering great products or services that your customers perceive create superior value in comparison to competing alternatives. Our grounded approach to strategy enables you define, prioritize and evaluate the value created by any product or service in terms of four dimensions:

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    Price – Total amount customers pay for the offering
    Standard – pre-established and consistent price
    Custom – discounted or negotiated price
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    Quality – Functionality or utility the offering provides customers
    Tangible – functionality that can be directly measured
    Intangible – functionality that cannot be directly measured
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    Delivery – Time required for customers to acquire the offering
    Speed – how fast is the delivery time
    Accuracy – how accurate is the promised or scheduled delivery time
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    Flexibility – Capability of customers to customize the offering
    Volume – capability to customize quantity or size
    Variety – capability to customize functionality, features or options


Our Strategy Design Process

With our grounded to approach strategy design is a four phase continuous process of Diagnosis, Innovation, Validation and Execution (DIVE):

  • Diagnosis: Comprehensive, interactive process for discovering the strengths and weaknesses of a strategy.
  • Innovation: Solid, structured approach for systematically generating a new strategy or significantly improving an existing strategy.
  • Validation: Rapid, structured process for evaluating a strategy and determining whether or not an organization can turn it into reality.
  • Execution: Practical, systematic approach to turn a strategy into a simple, dynamic and prioritized course of action.
DIVE process

How We Drive Success


Confidence is critical for success. To make sure that you confidently maximize your sustainable value creation, our strategy approach has systematic value and confidence checks in every step of the strategy making process.

Based on these checks, our approach enables you to visualize your strategy in a Value-Confidence-Matrix. The four zones in this matrix show you immediately your confidence in whether or not your strategy will succeed.

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    Value Maximization Zone
    You are confident that your strategy will succeed.
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    Value Maintenance Zone
    You are confident that your strategy is viable, but failure is a concern.
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    Value Minimization Zone
    You are certain that your strategy will fail.
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    Uncertainty Zone
    You are uncertain whether or not your strategy will succeed or fail.

Strategy Making as Continuous Process

With our approach, strategy making is a continuous process of strategy design, monitoring and realization.

strategy realization

Strategy Design

Four phase process to design a strategy that you are confident will succeed.

Strategy Monitoring

Two-fold process to make sure your strategy is successfully realized.

Strategy Realization

Turning your strategy into reality via a dynamic process of experimentation and discovery.

How We Interact With You

Our Grounded Strategy Approach is a truly interactive experience in which we make strategy together with you and your team. This process is:

  • Team-driven: Because strategy concerns the entire organization, we prefer to work with a team of your key people that represent the diversity of your employees and functions.
  • Session-based: Our main mode of working is through a series of half-day interactive sessions with your team. In these sessions we collaboratively create new insights, decisions and actions.  
  • Co-creation: Since we have the expertise in strategy and you know your organization best, we drive the process, but rely on your experience, intuition and inputs
  • On-site: Strategy is inherently connected to the organization. Therefore, we like to have all strategy sessions on-site, at your organization.
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