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We are a global community of next generation strategy professionals: a collaborative group of intelligent, open-minded and grounded people who understand how difficult it is to successfully make strategy. Based on our practical and scientific experience we know what works and what doesn’t.


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What Is New About Us

NSG what we do

What We Do

We offer Grounded Strategy services. We give you the knowledge, experience and tools to successfully make grounded strategy yourself.

NSG how we do it

How We Do it

We provide a distinct platform of four offerings: Strategy Making, Strategy Learning, Strategy OS and Strategy Transformation.

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Why We Do it

We aim to make a positive impact on the world by building a global ecosystem of customers, partners and strategy professionals that make grounded strategy.

Why New Strategy Group


Organizations across the globe face increasing uncertainty, competition and change. Traditional strategy approaches rely too much on fantasy to deal with this. Therefore, we have created a distinct, grounded approach to strategy that produces:

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You quickly understand the essence of your situation.


You make better, informed decisions faster.


You take immediate steps to implement your strategy.

Sustainable Value Creation

You create value for your customers, yourself and your stakeholders.

What We Offer


We provide a platform of four distinct strategy offerings: Strategy Making, Strategy Learning, Strategy OS and Strategy Transformation.

strategy making

Strategy Making

You get the confidence, control and perspective to succeed in any market. Together we make your grounded strategy. You provide the essential inputs and we provide expert guidance that enables learning by doing.

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strategy learning

Strategy Learning

You get the knowledge, understanding and preparation to successfully make grounded strategy. We use state of the art, specialized technology to ensure what, how and when you learn is right for you. Your experience is tailored to fit your specific needs.

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strategy os

Strategy OS 

You get the software to make grounded strategy in a timely, step-by-step and engaging way. With Strategy OS every step of your strategy making is infused with key insights, decisions and actions. You are iteratively guided along your distinctly configured path to success.

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strategy transformation

Strategy Transformation

You get complete control of your strategy making process. Through our services you elevate your traditional strategy making to a truly grounded approach. Your experience is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Our Customers


Grounded Strategy is for every executive leader seeking a grounded approach to making strategy:

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    You aspire to take your organization to the highest level.
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    You believe current strategy approaches do not work.
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    You need to quickly produce tangible results.
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    You desire to be confident that you are creating sustainable value.

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